Tower of Cower

Andres Indacochea, Laura Morris, Ryan Lewis, Kaidin Jarjusey and Alonso Indacochea


"Tower of Cower" is an indoor video and camera installation consisting of several vintage CRT and LED televisions, showing short silent films about surveillance. The tower also features gutted CRTs using mirrors as screen replacements, and televisions displaying live surveillance footage of visitors to the installation. All of the video inputs/outputs are controlled by a video matrix switcher box and a PC, using RCA and VHF/UHF transmission. Arduino-controlled buttons, sliders and sensors allow visitors to manipulate screens on the tower. The installation is visible from 360 degrees, with televisions positioned around the tower.

The installation is designed to draw attention to the highly-surveilled nature of national borders, and to create a sense of unease or discomfort, by demonstrating how technology can be used to monitor and control people and their movements. We invite visitors to reflect on how surveillance technology is employed in border enforcement but also in their own lives.


Films screened

Follow Me Quietly

Les Yeux (The Eyes)


The Darkest Place

They Came From Planet X

You Came First

Dust Wave 2023